As businesses, schools, shops, and healthcare facilities enter a new phase of operation in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, safety is of the utmost importance. More than ever, organizations are working hard to ensure that people who enter a building are not a risk to the occupants inside including fellow co-workers, students, patients, or other guests in the facility.

Many agencies are recommending that businesses and operations check all employees’ temperatures before they enter a building as fever-level symptoms (100° or higher) can be a key indicator of COVID-19 or other infectious disease. We are proud to offer a variety of temperature measurement devices that can streamline the temperature tracking process in your facility and minimize interaction with your staff.

Our three most popular temperature scanning devices are outlined below. Each of these devices features a wrist scanner for temperature measurement with an accuracy within .18 degrees F. Why wrist scanning? Wrist scanning offers no close contact with your face or eyes near a screen or device that others have touched / interacted with. It is ideal even in hot or cold climates. Foreheads can be heated or chilled by outside temperature, but wrists tend to be more accurate depicters of body temperature.

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