BadgePass Credential Management Software: Simple and Secure ID Solutions

With BadgePass, get access to all the functionality you could ever need to manage your business or facility, all in one organized and user-friendly credential management suite. Using applications such as Identity Manager, Access Manager, Visitor Manager, and Time Manager, take complete control of your credential management system to make your business safer and more organized. BadgePass software allows you to manage your ID badges, access to your facility, visitors to your business, and employee time cards and attendance. Using BadgePass will not only make your credential management easier, but it will also save you time and money by eliminating the hassles of traditional management systems, such as having a multi-step process to completely register a new ID badge and struggling to avoid credential overflow. With BadgePass and database integration, you can register and manage door access, permissions, and employee data from one place. All BadgePass software is also compatible with other leading printer manufacturers for integration.