ID Tracking & Validation

Issuing and managing credentials has never been easier than it is with BadgePass. As part of a complete credential management solution, ID validation and tracking help you extend the security and use of your ID badges. We offer several great options for tracking student, employee or even member IDs to help ensure you can validate and account for cardholder activity at your facility. Tracking shouldn’t be difficult! With tracking solutions from BadgePass, you can easily build lists or connect to existing databases containing people, places or things that you want to track. You can also configure events within the system, allowing cardholders to check in to regular or special events with ease. After an event or activity has occurred, you can choose from a selection of available reports to track cardholder activity or attendance. Whether you’re looking for a handheld mobile tracking solution or a more rugged, wall-mounted device, we have options that will fit your needs and budget! Contact us today to learn more.