Campus Card Systems

ID Badging
campus card systems - photo id

Streamlined Campus Card Production
The first step in implementing a successful campus card system is defining your workflow for issuing and activating student and faculty ID cards. Identity Manager allows for simplified production of cards that can be used throughout the campus for payment, tracking and validation. The flexible badging software is included with every TotalCard campus purchase and gives you the ability to easily design and print secure credentials.

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Access Control
campus card systems - access control

Flexible Access Control Software
TotalCard’s access control software is tailored specifically for colleges and universities. The user friendly badge entry system allows for easy assignment of credentials and access privileges. No matter what the size of your campus, our access control software can help take your campus security to the next level

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Dining & Meal Plan
campus card systems - dining and meal plan

Simplified Meal Plan Management
Managing student transactions on campus can seem like a daunting task. TotalCard’s simple and intuitive point of sale module allows for flexible meal plan management, customized to meet the specific needs of your campus. The user-friendly, highly configurable application helps you to manage the use of meal plans in your food service environment.

Student Attendance
campus card systems - student attendance

Efficient Management of Student Attendance
TotalCard’s attendance tracking module allows campuses to seamlessly integrate with their Student Information System and track student attendance, helping teachers to enforce attendance policies that would otherwise be extremely difficult to manage in large classes. Attendance data is reported back to the Student Information System in real-time.

Event Tracking
campus card systems - event tracking

Advanced Student Tracking and Validation
Whether you’re looking to efficiently manage campus events or track student use of various facilities on campus, TotalCard Tracking can help. Every TotalCard customer can create customizable events and activities in the system quickly and easily.

campus card systems - bookstore

Simplified Bookstore Transactions
TotalCard’s simple and intuitive point of sale module allows for flexible bookstore management no matter the size of your university, the application allows you to easily centralize bookstore payment processing and book buy back.

campus card systems - vending

Vending Transactions with Student IDs
If you are looking to increase student convenience by integrating vending services into your campus card program, TotalCard Vending can help. By implementing TotalCard for on-campus vending, you can eliminate coin collection and increase electronic reporting capabilities.

campus card systems - laundry

Laundry Transactions with Student IDs
Looking to increase student convenience by integrating laundry services into your campus card program? TotalCard Laundry can help you to eliminate coin collection and increase electronic reporting capabilities.

The system could not be easier to manage. Simply add an IP Laundry Controller to each machine and control up to 32 machines per room. Tough and reliable, the terminals allow students to deduct funds from their campus card account and saves them the hassle of carrying change every time they do laundry.

Copy Control
campus card sytems - copy control

Electronic Copy Management
Looking to increase student convenience by integrating copy services into your campus card program? TotalCard Copy Control can help you regulate student and faculty copy machine usage.

Key Management
campus card systems - key management

Simplified Physical Key Management
With TotalCard Key Management, keeping up with physical keys is a challenge of the past. Users can present their ID card to gain access to a key storage unit in any building. Authorized cardholders can then remove sets of master keys for that building, one at a time and return them when they are finished using them. The system allows for electronic reporting of key removal and automatic alerts if the keys are not returned in the allotted time frame.

Time & Attendance
campus card systems - time and attendance

Electronic Time Cards for Student Workers
Managing student worker time cards can be a challenging task. With TotalCard Time & Attendance, student workers can simply use their student ID to clock in and out, wherever they may work on campus. The system logs dates and times of every scan, allowing you to run, edit and export reports at a later date. It’s fast and simple for both students and the faculty members who oversee its use.

Visitor Check-In
campus card systems - visitor check-in

Registration and Tracking of Guests
Keeping up with guests on campus and in dormitories can be a challenging task. TotalCard’s Visitor Management application allows for easy association of visitors with the student they are coming to visit. Simply scan a student ID and visitor ID to register guests. If dormitory visitors have not checked out before curfew, automatically notify campus personnel.